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Dr. Jan Paulics and CDT Jenni Tuokko

TRIOS scanning tips & tricks
Delve into an engaging session to enhance scanning skills and efficiency. This presentation introduces the TRIOS intraoral scanner, equipping you with expert strategies for navigating challenging areas. Through live demonstrations, learn to maneuver the scanner with finesse, achieving high-quality outcomes. Join us to transform your dental scanning experience and master one of the most innovative tools in modern dentistry.

Dr. Ornella Delli Rocili, Daniella Alalouf, Dr. Eddie Basson

The power of a scan from reactive to proactive care
Explore the advancement of digital dentistry, highlighting the transformative power of the TRIOS Patient Monitoring application. Delve into the history and future of intraoral scanning with 3Shape's innovations. Learn the benefits of real-time data acquisition for proactive, personalized patient care. Dr. Eddie Basson illustrates how TRIOS scanners enhance patient engagement and outcomes in preventive dentistry.

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